Ter ere van het 200-jarig jubileum van Sense and Sensibility een speciale ‘Lieve J’. Deze ‘Dearest J’ is samengesteld uit zinnen uit Sense and Sensibility. Er zit er echter één tussen die uit Pride and Prejudice komt. Zie jij ‘m? Doe dan mee aan onze prijsvraag en maak kans op de originele illustratie bij deze column van Rick de Haas! (Tip: Google kan handig zijn om je bevindingen te checken). Vul je antwoord in op het formulier onder aan de column.

Dearest J,

What a happy day for booksellers! Such pleasure in seeing your book. I do not perceive how you could express yourself more warmly. Where was your heart when you wrote those words? How delightful to read those beautiful lines! I never spent a pleasanter morning in my life. Ah, the subject of books. I consider it as the only form in which happiness is attainable.

But you will continue the same; unconscious of the pleasure you occasion. How is your fame to be established? For famous you must be! Aye Aye, I see how it will be. Maybe it is yet too early in life. But why should you be less fortunate? You will, in time, secure that independence you are so anxious for. When you have plenty of money, as I dare say you shall, it gives cheerfulness. Four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing! You want nothing but patience – or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope.

Books! I would buy them all over and over again.

You are very right in supposing how my money would be spend. Books! I would buy them all over and over again. I would buy up every copy, I believe, to prevent their falling into unworthy hands. The same books, the same passages would be idolized. And I would have every book that tells how to admire an old twisted tree. How delightful it would be! Is there a felicity in the world superior to it?

I am so glad we are got acquainted. I have not known you long, to be sure, personally at least, but I have known you and all your family by description a great while. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more thane enough for others. And now I hope we shall always be great friends.

You can’t think how much I long to see you. Will you come and spend some time with us this Christmas? It will be quite delightful! For the sake of eating, drinking, and laughing together… I do beg you will favour me with your company, for I have quite set my heart upon it. I will be monstrous glad to see you.

For the present, you will be as busy as a bee. You shall not have a moment’s peace. You will have to read Sense and Sensibility again and again. Ah, to hear you read your elegant prose! Some inconvenience to your friends, indeed, may result from it – you will not be able to give them so much of your time. But there are other points to be considered. Go on with your writing!

I wish you joy.

Your sincere well-wisher, and friend,

Prijsvraag: win de originele illustratie van deze ‘Dearest J’ column!

Welke zin in deze column komt niet uit Sense and Sensibility, maar uit Pride and Prejudice?
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