fuchsia_filmsKate Hanisch werkt bij Fuchsia Films en is het laatste halfjaar bezig met een documentaire over Jane Austen. Jij kunt deze film steunen via Kickstarter (er is een aantal interessante perks toegevoegd in de laatste dagen!)
In deze gastblog vertelt Kate over haar Jane Austen filmervaringen.

By Kate Hanisch

The last six months of my life have been all about discovering Jane Austen. I have been working as part of tight knit team making a film about her life and work. Without quite realising the significance of it, I moved into a Regency flat in Clifton, Bristol as I was about to start work, and now I find out Jane Austen herself lived in Clifton for a short time. This was clearly meant to be! We’ve been busily filming in my backyard – several times in beautiful Bath at the ‘Netherfield Ball’ and the colourful Regency Promenade which launched the Jane Austen Festival in September. The filming has also taken us across England for the many different bi-centenary events such as Coughton Court’s Regency Ball in Warwickshire, Chawton House Library and the Jane Austen Society UK’s AGM and of course, Jane Austen’s House Museum, also in Chawton, Hampshire.

Overcoming Pride and Prejudice
The film is all about Jane’s life and work and takes the form of a documentary feature, entitled Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride and Prejudice. It is dedicated to exploring how she surmounted the pride and prejudice of what was, for her, a repressive society and what it cost her to find her own inimitable voice. Our film sees Jane Austen as a pioneer. At Fuschia Films, we have been inspired by her incredible achievements, and the courage she must have found to publish her novels at the dawn of the nineteenth century, before women were expected to engage in public life, or were even allowed to vote. As I have been finding out, Jane Austen has much to teach us all!

I have also learnt much about Jane Austen through meeting other Janeites over the internet, and who’ve crossed the world to attend events in the UK. I love finding out their stories of how they found Jane Austen, and why they love her ‘voice’. Some comment that they aspire to the high standards she set for men in her books and others say she comforts them when they are a little lonely or sad. For me, Jane Austen has gone from just an author who wrote great stories to a living person, who still inspires, motivates and comforts many. Her characters give women strength and men the right to dress well and behave in a gentlemanly way that is rarely seen today. I have loved this unique experience of being involved in a documentary about Jane Austen.

Some fantastic names have also already pledged their commitment to the project, including interviews with the actor David Bamber and legendary music composer Carl Davis. We have the support of Jane Austen’s House Museum and Chawton House Library, UK and many starring actors and writers who we will be interviewing for the film. Others are participating in some of our high profile events celebrating this 200th anniversary, such as Jane Austen’s Birthday Gala night on December 15th (toasting in the birthday on the 16th!)
With this momentum, we’re currently giving an exclusive view into the film for Jane Austen lovers worldwide through our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. From just small pledges we’re offering great perks such as film posters, downloads and limited edition DVD’s of our 200th Anniversary Special film documenting the celebratory events this year, attending the Jane Austen Birthday Gala event and even being a Regency extra in our film in December and April, alongside well known actors.

If you are interested to find out more, go to Kickstarter and these exclusive chances will run out on November 11th 2013. We welcome the widest involvement in the film, and the growing public support of the film. I’d really love this film to happen – so please do help us.
Visit our Facebook page- www.facebook.com/JaneAustenOvercomingPrideandPrejudice or follow us on Twitter @JaneAustenFilm or find us at www.fuschiafilms.com. We look forward to welcoming you!

A little bit about me:
Kate Hanisch is an assistant to the Director at a film production company, Fuschia Films, and is currently very involved in all things Jane Austen and enjoys hearing how other people are inspired by Jane Austen. Oct 23 2013