Sally Hawkins als Anne Elliot in Persuasion. Foto: Nick Briggs/PR

Volgens de Engelse krant The Guardian is Anne Elliot (Persuasion) één van de grootste romantische heldinnen van de literatuur. The Guardian schrijft:

“Forget lippy Lizzie Bennett and mooning Marianne Dashwood; Persuasion’s Anne Elliot is a complex, clever woman with a past who deserves a far more glorious place in the literary hall of fame. In her tentative, subtle and brilliantly funny journey back to the man she loved and lost eight years before, Anne gives us hope that love is not just for pretty teens; that second chances exist; and that ordinary lives really can be transformed by intelligence, independence and decency. Strike a blow for the quiet one in the corner and help crown Anne our romantic queen.”

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Bezoekers van de website van de Guardian kunnen stemmen op hun favoriete karakters in literatuur. Bij  ‘het meest irritante personage’ komen we Emma Woodhouse tegen. Over haar schrijft The Guardian:

“Emma Woodhouse is the girl you hated at school: the princess always ready with a pithy put-down to make her admirers laugh. Her sharp tongue may be intended to reflect her independence of spirit in a conformist world, but Emma isn’t even a great anti-heroine; innocent Harriet Smith, earnest Jane Fairfax and foolish Miss Bates are pathetically easy prey and her last-minute regrets and reparations feel entirely false. At least Austen has the honesty to admit that bitches are indeed the ones that end up with the rich bloke, the fancy house and the big barouche. Register your disgust here.”

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