Er komt geen einde aan de stroom Pride and Prejudice sequels. Nieuwste in de rij is Mr. Darcy’s Dream van Elizabeth Aston, die eerder boeken schreef als The Darcy Connection en The Second Mrs. Darcy. De beschrijving van de uitgever is als volgt:

When Phoebe, a young niece of Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy, is shattered by an unhappy romance, she retreats to Pemberley and is joined by kind-hearted Louisa Bingley, unmarried after three London seasons. Once the young ladies are situated in the house, several handsome strangers also arrive — all hopeful of winning the girls’ hearts. As preparations for the ball which Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are to give at Pemberley gain momentum, mischief and love triangles abound, making life as difficult as possible for anyone connected with the Darcy family.
Populated with authentic characters firmly rooted in Jane Austen’s mores and stylistic traditions, Mr. Darcy’s Dream has an unforgettable combination of romance, societal scandals, friendship, family, and marriage.

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